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 By providing quality service Office different and, at the highest levels of customer satisfaction with the act of retaining.

Is a service provided by companies offering services with awareness of our office;

- Unique and high quality service by offering our customers the highest level of satisfaction with the act of retaining.

- Customer needs and expectations in the best way to benefit analysis, and provides services.

- Client expectations of quality service to deliver on continuous self-renewal is in training and development efforts.

- Customer to provide services in a systematic plan for a certain period in the acts and services that may occur as soon as possible to customer requests changes to be adapted to show flexibility.

- Services in the process is in constant communication with our customers, our financial consulting offices, in all stages of a complete customer information and process the best advice is to be finalized.

- Our office has a quick understanding of communication and customer of the financial mevzuttaki development activity to a day of reaching customers and can take measures to provide activities directed.

- To answer customers' questions about financial regulations by implementing the comprehensive work provides consulting services.

- Services in the process in case of any problem finding vukuu solution of the problem with the customer to conclude the agreement provided. 



   Kazım YETİŞ

  Certified Public Accountant 


- İstanbul Üniversity Facultyf of Economics and Administrative Science - 1967

- Ankara Üniversity İ.T.İ.A. Master Degree - 1979

- Ministry of Finance Revenues Inspecter - 1971-1979

- Republic of Turkey Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister Counsel - 1978-1979

- Analiz Mali İşler Ltd.Şti. - Founding Partner - 1979-1990   

- Member of Chairman of the Board and General Secretary of Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants of Ankara - 1990-1996

- Tüzel YMM A.Ş. - Founding Partner - Chairman of the Board - 1995-2004

- Member of Advisory Committee of Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants of Ankara - 2016

- Tüzel Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants and Independent Auditors A.Ş. - Chairman of Board - 2017



    Bülent Şamil YETİŞ

                                   Certified Public Accountant - Senior Auditor


- Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Business and Economics - 1997

- University of Essex Business Master Programme - 1998

- Tüzel YMM A.Ş. - Intern Financial Advisor - 1999

Deloitte & Touche Turkey - Asst.Manager of Tax Department - 1999-2004

- Tüzel Financial Concultancy and Auditing Co. - Financial Advisor&Senior Auditor - 2005-2016

- Tüzel Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants and Independent Auditors A.Ş. - Assistant Chairman of Board - 2017